Credits by Mattia Carrer

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Contemporary Art, history, Latin American artists, Native American artists, Post-colonial
About This Project

Post-Colonial Frames / Landing Americas it’s an exhibition that explores one of the most controversial phenomena in history: the European colonialism in the Americas, and its consequences, looking at the phenomenon from a different perspective than the traditional-eurocentric one.

The exhibition offers a selection of artworks by Native American and South American artists: installations, photographies, paintings, drawings and videoart, that stand out in their preciousness and brightness, immersed in a rarefied, white and sober atmosphere.

The complex phenomenon of colonialism is captured in its multiform nature by the sensitive eye of the contemporary artist, which reinterprets the archetypal symbols of ancient civilizations: the new vision, made of bones of large extinct animals, exotic fruit and burnt lands, allows the visitor to reflect on the legacies of the historical episode.

In the show, artworks by: Cannupa Hanska Luger, Monty Little, Jaime Orlando Vera Zarate, Gabriela Golder, Miguel Antonio Contreras Hincapié, Andres Salas, Frederico Pessoa, Mariano Goto, Deimion “Peim” Van der Sloot, Marcela Avellaneda, João R. Ferreira, Rahel Hegnauer.

Hours and days of visit: Tuesday to Sunday, from 10.30 to 18.30, at our gallery (info: +39 375 5532009)