About This Project

Final exhibition of the “Digital Art” project, in Venice, in the exhibition space of the Ca’ Foscari Foundation, starting from October the 25th.

A path that traces the history of 10 companies giving voice through art to different industrial identities: from e-commerce to 3D printing, from wine to printed asphalt, the common thread that binds the firms is a project that aims to make art digital and to make the digital artistic (a binomial that becomes absolute when technology it is the key that activates the work of art).

Through a path of conceptualization, the project has seen the identification, by the companies involved, of artists able to transmit the essence of the company and its desires through contemporary art, and the creation of site-specific artworks (the process of artworks creation, thus, became a path for the inner knowledge of the companies, as well as the representation of their values).

The exhibition documents the work in progress of the European project “Digital Art as a lever for the innovation of processes and corporate heritage”, initiative of the Ca’ Foscari University Foundation, nanced by the Veneto Region, which brought together 10 companies from the most propulsive sectors of the Venetian economy: supporting them with the artistic direction of Current Corporate, contemporary artists were selected and followed in their site-specific creations, for an unprecedented creative experience between art and business.

The exhibition recounts the process of creating works of art that are coming to life thanks to the collaboration between artists and entrepreneurs, offering to the visitor each project in its constitutve elements (strategy and aesthetics, formal language and corporate identity).

Art, Business, Company