NONèTERNIT – Exhibition and performance

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NONèTERNIT – Exhibition and performance on industrial space regeneration


We are pleased to host the NONèTERNIT installation created by Atelier Montez, in our exhibition space.
The anamorphic modular work conceived by Gio Montez in the year 2018 is composed of modules, obtained from the damaged roof of the urban wreck in via di Pietrlata (Rome) which attribute to the installation a representative function of the urban regeneration process in progress in the historic suburbs of the Italian capital city.
In our exhibition space, the modular installation will assume for the first time in its international tour, a bio-mechanical form involving a human being who becomes its pillar.
This expresses the highly complex and dramatic relationship that more than any other characterizes our era: that between man and his technical products in continuous overproduction and therefore doomed to become superfluous.
We invite you to the inauguration to be held on Friday 21 February at 18.30, for the occasion, a performance by the artist will activate the installation and its exhibition.
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