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Current Corporate is glad to invite its clients in participating a special event: international successful brands will tell their experiences of artistic and cultural contamination within product distribution chains. The appointment is scheduled for Thursday 14 November at 5.00 pm in the elegant setting of Teatro Italia, once a meeting place for artistic and cultural exchange, now a DESPAR’s store, where the distribution of fine food products meets the renovation of an artistic building of the utmost importance for the venetian community.
An occasion to listen to the stories of those internationals entrepreneurs who invested in cross-fertilization practices with art and culture in distribution centers in order to valorize the company. Their experiences will show how the collaboration with artists, the setting-up of exhibitions, the promotion of works of art, the enhancement of heritages of collective interest, the creation of cultural aggregation practices in their distributive net have already proven their importance in business.
Art and business are, in fact, two deeply interconnected worlds: the possible forms of collaboration between them will be analyzed during the event, with a focus on the most renowned cases of contamination in the retail sector. As a matter of fact, the active and participatory presence of cultural actors in places of contact with the customer is a need so much felt nowadays, capable to combine effectively the development strategies of the private companies with the public interest, with a view of protecting and enhancing the collective heritage.
Companies not only promote the artistic heritage, generating new liturgies for cultural consumption, but they even improve their practices and experiences offered to the client, thanks to the presence of creative elements; the bond with the consumer results revived.
During the talk, an exchange of opinions, experiences and practices in order to trace the role of art in collaborations with business in retail. To follow, a networking aperitif and a guided tour of the art installation of Kenneth Goldsmith, hosted in Teatro Italia in occasion of the 2019 Biennale of Art.
Guests of the talk will be companies from the luxury fashion sector, the production and distribution of fashion, luxury perfumery and jewelry.

Admission is by invitation only or by reservation.
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