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International Artists, Museography, Still Life, Vanitas Iconography
About This Project

The exhibition offers a contemporary reworking of the most typical iconography of vanitas: the image of the still life, with a specific research on the cut flower. Sublime, full of meaning, yet ambivalent, the language of cut flowers is the archetipal symbol of beauty and ephemeral youth, but in the deep it also carries an unavoidable funeral and presagistic component (given by its quality as a grave element).

The exhibited works are material, photographic, pictorial and installative, and they translate a universe full of spiritual and carnal references, connected to the metaphor of the flower in different cultures. Artworks by: Anitra Hamilton, Boris Beja, Juan Alberto Negroni, Spela Volcic, Cosima Montavoci, Stefano Zaratin, Laura Manfredi, Alice Mestriner and Had Moslemi.

The exhibition will lasts from July the 14th 2018, to August the 26th, 2018, in our headquarter (Vicolo Isola di Mezzo 3/5, 31100, Treviso, Italy)