About This Project

MARCH the 9th, 6.00 PM – Cocktail for the opening of the exhibition 


The relationship between art and business is recounted through Digital Art, Sound Art, Land Art, Urban Art, Video Art: an unprecedented experience between art and business has involved 10 companies from the most propulsive sectors of the Italian economy, with the artistic direction of Current Corporate, flanking them with contemporary artists who have captured their vision and identity, using the materials and technologies of the companies themselves to create site-specific artworks.


The exhibition tells these joint process of creating artworks, came to life thanks to the collaboration between artists and companies: each artwork offers to the visitors its constituent elements (combining strategy and aesthetics, formal language and business identity).


A path that traces the history of companies giving voice through the art to different identities.


From e-commerce to 3D printing, from wine to printed asphalt, the common thread that binds them is a project that aims to make art digital and to make digital artistic (a binomial that becomes absolute when technology it is the key that activates the works of art).


The exhibition wants to contribute to show how the entrepreneur and the artist are the two sides of the same creative process. Infact, if the artist turns his creativity in an aesthetic sense, the entrepreneur does it in a productive way: for this reason the exhibition ends with a work by Martino Zanetti, entrepreneur of Hausbrandt Caffè, and pictorial artist, inventor of the splashing technique.



The artists who collaborated with the companies come from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Argentina (Azahara Cerezo, Lorenzo Bordonaro, Joshua Cesa, Nicola Di Croce, Enrico Coniglio, Emmanuele Panzarini, Martin Romeo, Alberto Girotto, and, indeed, Martino Zanetti from Hausbrandt), and have returned in a key aesthetic, suggestive and rarefied, the beating heart of the companies involved: Alpenite, Imprexa, NuovoStudio, Kidpass, 47 AnnoDomini, Enotria Tellus, FabLab Venezia, Donthink and the newly formed Venice Heritage Tower.


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