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Кьиара Изадора Артико
Руководство /Дирекция

Кьиара Изадора – эксперт корпоративного и производственного искусство, куратор, советник по художественным вопросам и бывший исследователь в университете Ca’Foscari (Ка Фоскари) в Венеции. Она окончила факультет Экономики и Управления Искусства и Культуры в Университете Ка Фоскари, после первого курса обучения в университете Флоренции.

Она получила уровень Магистра управлении визуальных арт коллекций и экономического развития при помощи культуры, благодаря специальным курсам в MoMA в Нью-Йорке, в Калифорнийском Институте Искусств и в Колумбийском Университете. В качестве исследователя, она работала на развитии и эволюции этой учебной дисциплины, благодаря её учениям и теории о корпоративном искусстве и о культурной деятельности. Она посвятила свою жизнь укреплению потенциала предприятий через искусство.

В 2009 году она начала работать в области корпоративного искусства. Реализовала проект сотрудничества между Палаццетти (роскошный сад-мебель) и уличных артистов, который были представлены на выставке Салоне дел Мобиле в Милане.

Кьиара Изадора работает менеджером в области корпоративного искусства компании Mavive S.p.A. (является директором арт-инсталляции в Палаццо Мочениго в Венеции, в сотрудничестве с Андрея Моруккио при Биеннале).
Она тоже работала в сотрудничестве с Европейским советом в проектах дляLe Domain De Saint-Claude в Париже, Cologne House в Кёльне, the Victoria & Albert Museum в Лондоне, the Pera Museum в Стамбуле.

Кьиара Изадора работала стратегом для проекта HOLOGRAMME, на котором организовала обновление имиджа Национального музея Бардо, в Тунисе, после террористического акта в 2015 году.
Кьиара Изадора посвятила свою жизнь изучению и созданию новых видов сотрудничества предприятий и искусства, поэтому Умберто Пеккини пригласил её работать менеджером и куратором проекта MUSES, в итальянском кластере лечебных трав в Кунее.

Sarah Emmanuella Kurniawan
Southeast Asian market development manager
Joshua Cesa
Multimedia, corporate image and environment and exhibition spaces design
Alessandro Senno
Architect and interior designer

Sarah completed her undergraduate program in Jakarta, Indonesia with focus on business management. Since before she graduated, she already worked in a FMCG company for 4 years as senior procurement data analyst and strategist. Aside from corporate world, she has been actively involved as event organizer such as concerts, charities’ fund-raising program, also social & cultural events. After getting a scholarship, she decided to further her studies at Universita di Pisa and Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Pisa, Italy. Now, together with Current Corporateshe embarked in developing Southeast Asia market and to bring the sense of art in Asian Business.

He studied Architecture at the University of Udine where he had the opportunity to make further studies of Urbanism, using a sociological approach.

After 2009, he has worked in the sector of architectural design and architectural salvage for some years, whereas now, he is operating in the information and communication field.

In particular, he has dedicated himself with assiduity to Multimedia Science and Technology, also developing open-source cultural instruments.

He takes care of Current multimedia aspects and its corporate image, and he designs environment and exhibition spaces.

Architect and interior designer, after graduating from the Polytechnic University of Turin he accomplished different professional experiences outside, in Spain, Holland and Belgium, working at different scales.
The main themes to which it is dedicated at the moment are: installations for contemporary art exhibitions, renovations of buildings subject to protection, preparation of festivals and urban regeneration, artistic installations with particular attention to environmental sustainability.
Giuliano Marco Rolle
Operating secretariat and indirect marketing development
Line Dalile
Museum curator
Bui Thi Quynh Hoa
Development of Asian markets and relations with big corporations

Foreign Trade grad student at the School of Economics, Languages and Entrepreneurship of the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.His personal and profound interest in Art and Culture led him to collaborate with Current Corporate,  managing its operating secretariat and developing its indirect marketing.

After graduating with a degree in Visual Culture from Curtin University, Perth, Australia in 2017, Line spent seven months as a curator of contemporary Malaysian art in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Her research interests and passion to learn about different art practices and cultures led her to undertake a course in Curatorial Practice in Venice, Italy. Having lived and experienced different cultures across the world, from the Middle-east to Southeast Asia, and Europe, she is currently interested in exploring the possibilities that can emerge through the crossover between art and businesses, and their subsequent impact on culture.

After her distinction bachelor degree at Foreign Trade University (Hanoi, Vietnam), she started working in a big multinational corporation (TOYOTA) for 4 years before deciding to further her studies at LUISS Guido Carli University (Rome – Italy). Having grown in Vietnam and worked for a Japanese company, she has a deep understanding of Asian culture and the burning desire to explore the beauty of art across different cultures. Her ability and special interest in the relationship between Art and Business which is totally connected with Current Corporate’s vision drives her to work in the company.

Nedia Nurani
Tancredi Artico
Copy strategist / editor
Matilde Nuzzo
Chinese market developer

Nedia completed her undergraduate program in economics in Bandung (Indonesia). After graduating, she decided to become a research assistant at her university. His research focuses on the behavior of consumers and producers. After being chosen as a tourism ambassador in her hometown, she began pursuing her career as a researcher in a creative industry (such as tourism, art and culture). He realizes that Indonesia has great potential in those areas. Therefore, he continued his degree in Sapienza in Rome, while she became a collaborator of Current Corporate to improve and strengthen networking, knowledge and experience in the artistic and cultural sector.

Graduated in modern philology at the University of Padua in 2013, in 2017 he obtained a Ph.D. in Italian studies at the same university, where he then worked as a post-doc research fellow. Today affiliated to the IPRA research center in Nantes -France-, he achieved many publications in scientific volumes and journals. His interests range from the literature of chivalry to the twentieth century literature topics, with an historical-cultural perspective: precisely for this tendency he approached Current, writing and working in the enterprise as supervisor of projects and written narratives. He looks at the development of style and narrative as elements of essential value for companies.

Sinologist, she approaches the Far East with university studies, dedicated to the Chinese language. When she moved to China – Beijing and Chongqing – she acquired a deeper comprehension of Chinese culture and society, while the period lived in Spain contributed to the enrichment of her multicultural baggage. Enthusiast about art, she worked in the management of art exhibitions and as contributor of the Treccani Encyclopedia of Contemporary Art (China). Now she is interested in implementing new connections between the world of art and businesses in foreign markets.

Development of the Chinese Market
Strategic Communication

After a Bachelor’s Degree at Guangzhou University in China, he worked for the Italian group Piaggio for 2 years, and then for a British furniture design company, enhancing his knowledge in the aesthetic industrial design field. Later he decided to continue his studies at Padova University, in Italy. Having grown in China, and having worked in a multicultural environment, he is familiar with both the western and eastern cultures, with their differences and the things they have in common. His precedent working experiences with aesthetic industrial design led him to join our artistic company.

Ridha has a professional background in marketing communications and has obtained bachelor’s degree in Brand Management in Indonesia. She has started several internship and working experiences since she was 17. Combining data-driven insight and creativity to build stronger brand is part of “her cup of tea”. As she has a great desire to deepen her knowledge, she also pursues master’s degree in Strategic Communication at Università IULM, Italy. She believes that the investment of art within a business plays a strategic role for companies and this is in line with what Current Corporate carries out.

Local Methodology
Деловые партнеры
B#S international festival
Деловые партнеры

Тайваньская компания, возглавляемая успешным исследователем Ting-Chi Wang, бывшим менеджером выставок в Смитсоновском институте.

международный фестиваль современного искусства, произошeдший в более чем 20 городах в мире (в числе которых есть Венеция, Рим, Любляна, Торонто, Канберра, Канзас-Сити, Виндхук, Копенгаген, Лондон, и скоро будет Буэнос-Айрес) c сeтью из более чем 200 международных художников.

Thanks to the artists Lang Ea, Nathalie Vanheule, Cosima Montavoci, Anitra Hamilton, Joshua Cesa and Man Ray

 Photo by Riccardo Tosetto, Marco Albertini, Giovanna Bressan

 Graphic project by Giulia Pirrello, Edoardo Zanchetta

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