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The exhibition For a Human Geography contrasts the common concept of war and post-war geography (in our culture, analyzed through an aerial and detached vision), proposing a new approach: the artists’ perspective blends natural element and human experience, revealing the possibility of a vision of geography which is different from the one, coldly geopolitical, that looks “from above” to the borders, and denies the movement and trauma inscribed in the borders.
In the exhibition, material artworks and sound works recount the human exodus through the continents, provocative new dada and video artworks unveil the still untold “B sides” of such human settlement processes; the artists, between past and future, investigate, denounce, suggest, and bring us in contact with the experience of conflict.
On show, works by: Francisco Goya, Enes Zulevic, Gail Ritchie, Maria Dabrowski, Teresa Abad-Carles, Giada Pianon, Jason File, Wendimangen Belete Maresha, Joshua Cesa, Lang Ea.
The exhibition inaugurates on Saturday 19th January at 6.00 pm in pur headquarter. For the occasion, a short talk with the artists, and a performance by the body artist Marta Lodola, Actions Against Borders # 1 Breaking Point: the performance is the result of a week of site-specific work in the local area (the performance is a number closed, only accompanied minors are allowed).