Creation and management of corporate museums

The corporate museum is a magnificent tool to connect the visitor to the brand experience on an emotional level. ,

This type of visual and sensorial narrative can have an important value as a promoter of the brand heritage, which strongly impacts on the brand identity itself (improving the perception of the brand and its relationship with the territory).

Among the significative advantages deriving from the establishment of a corporate museum, it is important to notice a significant improvement in the brand awareness, the acquisition of new target audiences and the access to important fiscal benefits.

In order to exploit all the possibilities presented by this sort of establishment, Current provides a highly customised service that starts from a deep analysis of the historical and cultural background of our client, continues with the research for the perfect match with the right museographical style, to end with the ideation of the corporate museum.

Every company has its own peculiar characteristics, which historically influenced and contributed to the development of the company itself and to the creation of its products: those characters need to be recognised and considered in the ideation of the museum project.

This service was created for both companies and industrial clusters, and comprehends: projecting and creation of museums, museum management, organisation of special activities (talks, performances, educational programmes), marketing strategies.

Creation and curation of corporate art collections

Corporate art collections became a global phenomenon, because they represent the ultimate form of investment, as well as an opportunity to take advantage from important fiscal benefits.

An art collection should be the mirror
in which the company reflects its identity
and the corporate image

(and thus it can represent a significant source to enhance marketing activities and to get closer to customers, community and employees). 

Current aims at guiding companies in the realisation of new art collections or in the renovation of already existing ones, in order to create a highly representative new imaginaries which can directly communicate the company’s mission and vision, while playing its profitable role of investment.
A well-designed art collection is coherent with a company’s philosophy and can massively impact the perception of its brand identity.
We also organise auctions and exhibitions in order to enhance the collection and the owner company.

This service comprehends: creation of new art collections (and creation of private investment portfolios), curation, renovation and management of existing art collections (through a new plan of investment and maximizing fiscal benefits), organisation of exhibitions, charity events, auctions.

Enrolment of artists in the company and creation of new art-based products

This is very significant example of how art and business can combine and influence each-other in a positive way: through the introduction of artists, directly operating at a certain stage of the production chain, Current wants to give to its clients (enterprises or industrial clusters) the possibility to renovate their image and increase brand perception and brand responsibility through the ideation of new art-based products. 


Each art-based product expresses
aesthetic, historical and cultural value,

and thus can give prestige to the brand and to the company.The opportunities deriving from the introduction of an artist in a company are endless, and the ideation of new culture-based products is only one of the various ways to take advantage of all the possible benefits.
This service was specifically designed to match artists and companies (or industrial clusters) in order to: create new art-based or culture-based products or services, innovate and renovate through a creative process, organise auctions and events. 

Organisation of events, sponsorships, brand development, management of funds

Current can count on a highly professional team which can provide its clients with an exclusive service of consulting and support in various fields regarding art and marketing, such as the management of sponsorships, the administration of funds and investments in art and culture, and the evaluation of fiscal benefits.

We also organise special events to positively influence the corporate image and the brand responsibility, such as

auctions, exhibitions, special performances, site-specific actions and other activities that are meant to transmit the corporate cultural heritage and tradition.

Our events are often organised in collaboration with remarkable institutions from the cultural or the public sector, in order to foster the social recognition of the firm.

In-store art and cultural activities, surveys on brand image and brand experience

The store is the first place where the customer gets the chance to discover a new brand, get to know its range of products and eventually become interested in learning more about the company, its philosophy and values.

We believe that, improving the customer’s experience by directly operating inside the stores, his perception of the brand can be positively influenced and empowering the customer’s loyalty.  

We offer our clients the possibility to renovate and improve the environment inside their stores, thanks to exceptionally customised projects that comprehend the collaboration with our artists to realise 

design of site-specific art-installations and culture-based products, or through the organisation of special events

that are meant to involve and sensitise the customer.
We also take surveys on how our clients’ stores are effective to communicate a positive brand image and brand experience to the audience, and we realise customised plans of renovation and improvement.