The exhibition Memory Lands

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About This Project

Soil as a natural element is the protagonist of a dynamic memory, captured by photos and videos which are able to underline its the invaluable testimonial essence.
Starting as a static document, thanks to the artists, memory becomes alive and vibrating, transmitted from generation to generation, leaving an unchangeable trace in the History of the land (like the rivers that cross it).
New perspectives on the everlasting advancing of history in war’s territories invite us to a profound consideration on the memory of the soil, through the techniques and the looks of international contemporary artists from Ireland, China, Canada, UK, Belarus.

In the exhibition, artworks by: Jane Glynn, Ting Bao, Victoria Lucas, Lesya Pcheika and Vasilisa Palianin, Gordon Belray.
(During the Vernissage a brand new preview of Jane Glynn’s reportage, developed through an artist’s residence in Carso upland).

Vernissage: Friday the 10th November, 18.30 h – for the occasion, an art talk with Jane Glynn!


The exhibition could be visited from November the 11th to December the 2nd, from Monday to Saturday 10.00-18.00 (at the B#S Gallery, Vicolo Isola di Mezzo 3/5, 31100, Treviso) – guided tours available in location.