Rivers of Dust @Matera 2019: art, business and literature

About This Project

Current Corporate has been selected by the national Italian Industrial Union from a range of the most important culture-based companies in Italy. In fact, we are going to take part in the Matera European Capital of Culture 2019, as ambassador for the ICC sector and of the “Made with Italy”.


For the occasion, Current Corporate is pleased to cooperate with IoDeposito to the set up the exhibition called Rivers of Dust, in which three contemporary artists have been able to interpret the imagery of the local land (Lucania) through the evocations of the land that have been made in Literature. So, contemporary Art will investigate the powerful and atavistic symbols of this land through all the five senses.


In the wonderful and spiritual setting of the hypogeum of San Francesco in the fresh new capital of culture, our contemporary exhibition takes a conceptual shape, showing a narrative on Matera for how it’s image have been spread in Italy through Literature.

The Vanitas artworks realized by Cosima Montavoci, sculpted in bread, seems to evoke the return to dust that is narrated by the Baroque poet Tomaso Stigliani, whereas Claudio Beorchia’s installation Fogli Caduti reminds us the autumnal composition by Leonardo Sinisgalli’s Nuovi Campi Elisi. Finally, Nicola di Croce’s sound art, freely reverberating in the space, reflects the evasive and suspended Mariolina Venezia’s world, pervaded by an ancient silence.


Moreover, Current Corporate is pleased to host a cocktail for the best Lucania and surroundings’ companies on the occasion of the exhibition. During the event there will be a talk with the artist Claudio Beorchia (recently interviewed by the Financial Times) about the potentiality of partnership between companies and contemporary artists, on Thursday 11 July at 7 pm.


Guided tours of the exhbition are available for free on the spot from 9 to 14 July. Reservations are raccomended writing to info@currentcorporate.org / +375 5532009).



Artists: Claudio Beorchia, Cosima Montavoci, Nicola Di Croce

Exhibition design by Current Corporate

Literary researches curated by Tancredi Artico

PR Sarah Emmanuella Kurniawan

Graphic design by Edoardo Zanchetta

 Link to the official calendar of the capital of culture:



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