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About This Project
Current is the main partner of the Land Art installation



Two monumental red signs, condensing the vocation of a whole territory.


This is how artist Joshua Cesa makes fully visible a fragment of the border between Western and Eastern Europe: border which, during centuries, has split up populations forcing them to adopt new national identities (in recent history, with World Wars).


The installation rises in the middle of the Carso Upland, in the Doberdò Lakes Nature Reserve. Built of fabric, and designed to be gradually consumed, the artwork has a colour that recalls the surrounding landscape’s chromatic scale, dominated by a type of karstic bush called “tree fog”, to which a significative historical memory is connected: it’s belief that its autumn red leaves are actually the fallen soldiers’ blood resurfacing on the upland.



The visitor will be able to enjoy  the artwork from different perspectives and points of view, even going inside it, discovering different perceptions of the boundary and its continuous movements.


For more info, reservations, guided tours: / +39 375 553 2009