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About This Project

We are pleased to be official partners for the creative development of the Peripheral Memories project: a project that wants to de-construct, rework in a collective key and represent the memory of the territories of the extreme border of north east (the Julian Alps and the Karst, the Udinese foothills and the Isonzo), through contemporary art.

Aim of the porject, is ri-elaborating the theme of the absence and industrial post-war divestment, and at the same time enhancing, through contemporary art practices, the industrial realities still present and active in the industrial sectors that characterize the region: metalworking, boating, textiles, coffee trade.

The project is aimed at enhancing those industrial realities that have experienced a mix of their history with the war economies, which are now present and active in the sectors identified, through tools of contemporary art (such as artist residences and participatory ethnographic investigations, exhibitions and public conversations).

The strong symbolic power of art and the sensitivity of the artists allow to bring out the historical and cultural background of a company, and to illuminate its peculiarities with extraordinary aesthetic power.

Collaborations between artists and entrepreneurs reveal how they are complementary, two sides of the same creative process: if the entrepreneur transforms his creativity productively, the artist does it in an aesthetic sense.


6 international artists will be called to carry out research on these collective imaginary, involving citizens and 12 enterprises strongly linked to the territory: each will create a work of art capable of evoking this productive identity in the forms and materials.

Once created, the works will be revealed to the mass audience in a final exhibition event, with artist talks and cocktails.