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About This Project

Impermanence is the first of three appointments of the Vanitas exhibition cycle: the exhibition accompanies the visitor through a suggestive narrative, dedicated to the concepts of memory and identity: the works bare the impermanence of the human being, with an explicit reference to iconographic elements such as the dust, the gesture of erasing and the slow disappearance of contours and figures.

In the attempt to capture the inexorable flow of the time, the works exposed are able to evoke ancient universal feelings, representing the fugacity of life, and suggesting the role of personal and familiar memory as an antidote to cancellation.

The exhibition is very well fitting with the idea of impermanence as features of special services and products (such as, the production of graphite and colours), for this reason could be very interesting specifically for entrepreneurs in the sector of products that expire easily.

The exhibition will lasts from the 8th December 2017 to the 27th January 2018 @ the B#S Gallery (Vicolo Isola di Mezzo 3/5, 31100, Treviso, Italy. Info and reservations: / +39 375 5532009

Artists: Claudio Beorchia, Sylvia Griffin, Coral Woodbury, Stelios Maganis, Lorenzo Bordonaro, Silvia Cavallari, Mario Loprete, Anne O’Callaghan, Carola Minicleri.